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One-to-One English Language Tuition 

One-to-one tuition is a popular solution for adults who wish to improve their general English.

One-to-one tuition is perfect for professional people requiring intensive English language tuition focusing on their own particular field (in industry or commerce or educational administration or many others).

One-to-one tuition is also ideal for students who need to improve their command of the English language quickly, including those who are preparing for higher education in an English-speaking country.

One-to-one tuition is also increasingly popular for secondary school pupils, who will be fully supervised by the host family throughout their stay.


Your teacher will be qualified and experienced in teaching English as a foreign language. He/she will plan your lessons to cover your specific linguistic needs and will help you with general English and (on request) with the language you need for your business meetings, presentations, telephone calls, letters, etc. or for your course of study.

You can choose the number of hours of tuition you require (3, 4 or 5 hours per weekday).

A typical course includes 5 hours per day: 3 or 4 hours per morning, plus 1 or 2 hours per afternoon. (The afternoon sessions can be either fomal lessons or language practice with the teacher while visiting local places, as preferred.)


Accommodation will be arranged in the home of your teacher or a carefully selected host family, so that you can practise speaking English informally at meal times and in the evenings.

The Local Organiser is always on hand in case of any problems.

Hotel accommodation is also available.


Various including Exeter, Gloucester and Portsmouth.


Any time of year. Minimum one week. Arrival and departure on Sundays (or Saturdays).


For further information and prices, please contact us with details of your requirements.